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We accept UGG repairs by post, for pairs or individual boots.

       Don't throw away your old UGGs!
We can heel, resole, stitch, patch and replace zips in your UGGs to give them a new lease of life.  We also sell cleaning products to spruce up your boots, remove stains and keep them in good condition.  Bring in your UGGs for a free repair consultation and see how we can help you bring them back to life.  Please note: we do not offer a cleaning service.
Repair services we provide are:
Heeling:  from 12.95
Resoling: (fully replacing the bottom including the heel): from 35.00
We have the full range of colours for soles and heels: white, beige, grey, brown and black
Stitching up split seams:  from 7.50
Other stitching and patching:  from 10.00

Zip replacements (long and short boots):  from 25.00 for 10 inch any additional inch is 1.75

Did you know you can get replacement wooly insoles?

Lambswool replacement loose insole: 6.00
Angora replacement loose insole: 7.00
Wool and cork loose insole: 9.95

Cleaning and caring for your UGGs

Please note: unfortunately we are unable to provide an UGG cleaning service.

Please see our Specialist Shoe Care page for a range of cleaning and protection products to spruce up your boots and keep them looking good through the winter.
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